The key to uniform and profitable irrigating is having an efficient ag irrigation system that is regularly monitored so problems are quickly detected; however, monitoring these systems is easier said than done!

Until recently, you needed a bird’s eye view to keep track of all your irrigators to make sure they’re doing what they should be doing.

Available from your ag irrigation system service, remote monitoring is finally here to make keeping track of all your center pivot systems simple.

Costing as little as $300, a remote monitoring system is the perfect irrigation accessory to make certain your crops get the water they need all season and allows you to detect and remedy problems with your system before you suffer plant loss or system damage.

The Importance of Ag System Monitoring

Like any other mechanical device out there, your ag irrigation systems will break down or suffer some type of malfunction from time to time.

Given this inevitability, it’s essential that you carefully monitor these system to make sure they stay running and are functioning properly to deliver the right amount of water to your fields.

Detecting Irrigation System Problems Can Be A Challenge

Ag irrigation system services understand that whether it’s due to a mechanical malfunction, water feed problem, breakdown, or something else, any time your system is not performing as programmed, you’re losing money.

The problem is that finding the cause of the trouble can be a challenge and take some time; you may not even realize you have an ag irrigation system problem until you’ve experienced crop loss or irrigator damage.

Remote irrigation system monitoring takes the guesswork out of keeping an eye on all your systems so you can tend to the problem as soon as it’s detected.

Ag Irrigation System Monitors Easy to Use

The remote monitoring technology now available from your ag irrigation system service is simple to install and just as simple to use.

Functional on nearly every type of center pivot system, they consist of a group of sensors that are strapped to the span pipe as well as various other places on the system and run off their own solar panel for reliable monitoring.

Remote monitoring detects a number of values including position, direction, speed, status, and more to give you a to-the-minute account of what your system is doing or not doing, as the case may be.

The built-in GPS and integrated cellular connectivity then allow the sensors to transmit data directly to a monitor device that you have.

Reduce Water Waste and Crop Loss

With a small investment in an affordable remote irrigation monitoring system, you can be assured that your center pivot ag irrigation systems are functioning properly to keep your plants thriving.

Learn more about these and other helpful irrigation system parts and accessories by contacting your local ag irrigation service!

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