Irrigation Systems in Brazos County Texas

Irrigation systems give farmers the ability to gain higher yields from planted fields by continuously delivering the right amount of water. In addition to providing water, farm irrigation systems can also increase your overall growing efficiency by delivering fertilizer at the same time.

When equipped with the right farm irrigation system installation, your irrigators can also be feeders, supplying planted fields with the nutrients they need with enough water to produce bountiful crops.

What Is Fertigation?

Fertigation is the process of supplying fertilizer and other nutrients to your planted fields via irrigation systems already in place. Fertigation makes fertilizing your fields more convenient, while providing a number of other important benefits as well.

By using the appropriate equipment which can usually be integrated into most existing farm irrigation systems, fertigation gives you the ability to provide controlled amounts of nutrients to your fields for greatest efficiency and growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Fertigation?

The first advantage to be gained by adding fertigation technology to your farm irrigation system installation is convenience. You can tackle the two essential requirements of irrigation and fertilization in one step to keep your fields producing their best. In addition, fertigation irrigation systems provide two other essential benefits:  keeping costs lower and protecting the environment.

These drip and injection systems allow you to program the delivery of fertilizer according to need and deliver it in a way that promotes the highest absorption. Liquid fertilizer delivered at the roots reduces both waste and runoff, ensuring nutrients get to the plant and are not washed away to contaminate soil and other sources of water.

These farm irrigation systems also ensure an even delivery of fertilizer, avoiding issues related to over or under fertilization in different areas.

How Do Fertigation Systems Work?

Fertigation technology uses both complex and simple ideas to give you the best control over watering and feeding your fields. This process involves injecting fertilizer into the irrigation feed through connected valves that are activated by vacuum pressure.

When used in conjunction with soil sensors that determine when the soil is at its peak absorption point, waste of both water and fertilizer is prevented. Fertilizer is fed into the water, then delivered close to the roots by drip systems that reduce evaporation and avoid spreading fertilizer on the plant rather than into the soil.

Fertigation and Groundwater Protection

Fertigation technology allows you to keep your plants fed with precise amounts of fertilizer and makes regulatory compliance regarding contamination and runoff easier. These systems give farmers more control of fertilizers and other chemicals that can be delivered through the system. It also offers accurate ways to track usage and delivery amounts as groundwater protection regulations become stricter every year.  

Careful management of planted fields is an essential part of achieving the highest yield season after season. Now you can decrease the time and effort required to do this with farm irrigation systems that include fertigation technology. Fertigation irrigation systems ensure that your crops have everything they need and receive it in a beneficial manner while protecting the environment at the same time.

Before you invest in any other farm irrigation system installation, consider whether a fertigation system might be your best choice!

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