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Groundwater and poor drainage can be a problem at some construction locations. Before any building project can progress, considerations must be made about the removal of water through the use of improved discharge methods and heavy duty types of pumps such as Honda dewatering ones. These pumps are vital to site preparation when water table issues become a problem. By using the proper Honda pumps, a site can be quickly drained and dried out so construction can begin.

Groundwater and Poor Drainage at the Building Site

All land holds moisture within and beneath it. Drier areas have a much lower water table, which is the point at which the land is saturated; others have much higher saturation points. Saturated wet ground is unsuitable for building in many situations since this softer land is unstable and cannot support the weight of a building. So before any construction project can begin, soil makeup, consistency, and moisture content must be measured with a soil survey. When a site is too saturated, the first concern is dewatering the area with pumps and resolving any current drainage issues.

What Is Construction Site Dewatering?

Construction site dewatering when done by using Honda or other dewatering pumps is the process of removing moisture from the soil when the saturation point is too high. It can be done either by the longer method of evaporation or through the use of efficient Honda pumps. Whether there is standing water at the location or the ground is too wet, dewatering  when combined with additional drainage methods is done to dry the soil out enough so that building footers and foundations can be safely installed.

How Are Construction Sites Dewatered?

There are various techniques that can be used to dewater a building site using Honda construction pumps so that work can begin; all of them basically involve the same premise. When there is standing water on the ground, dewatering is done by suctioning all fluid out of the area using strong pumps.

When the land is oversaturated under the surface, resulting in a high moisture table, the extraction process can be a bit more complicated. Trenches or wells must be dug, or perforated pipelines installed, to allow groundwater to seep out of the soil and into the trenches or wells. As it collects, it is then siphoned away from the building site by using durable Honda dewatering pumps. Eventually, when the area is dry and land drainage problems have been remedied, construction can begin.

Water tables and groundwater drainage are essential factors in the preparation of any construction location. Without proper water outflow, a building site is unusable. Fortunately, by using convenient Honda construction pumps, site preparation services can remove standing water and lower the moisture level, resulting in a plot of land that is safe for construction. Pumps and other supplemental drainage methods are instrumental for safe building location preparation!

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