One of the latest and more beneficial developments in current irrigation systems is pod irrigation. When used with K-Line watering systems, pod irrigation offers many efficient and affordable advantages. Whether irrigating larger fields or smaller plots, pod irrigation systems are simple, portable, and adjustable. K-line irrigation systems solve many watering problems, making them a valuable system to consider for any livestock operation that requires efficient pasture or forage crop irrigation.

What Are Pod Irrigators?

Pod irrigators are single irrigation sprinkler heads contained within durable plastic pods that are connected with a heavy duty water pipeline. They are then set up in fields and pastures to provide essential watering where other irrigation systems would be impractical or impossible to use. They are: adjustable, providing as much or as little irrigation as necessary; weather and animal resistant; and easily positioned on any terrain. All of this makes them an ideal irrigation solution for pastureland and forage crop fields.

What Makes Pod Irrigation Preferable?

Pod systems, like K-Line irrigation systems, are preferable for watering forage fields and pasture because they are so durable and versatile. Not only can the pods and water hoses easily withstand extreme weather conditions; they are durable against animal damage as well. Easily installed by piecing together a few parts, pod irrigation systems can confidently be used in pastures currently being grazed. Pod irrigators also provide the flexibility of adjustable, low pressure sprinkler heads that can be spaced as close as necessary in the pipeline to deliver the right amounts of water without wasting it.

The best feature of pod irrigating with K-Line systems is how quickly and conveniently the entire line can be shifted to ease complete irrigation. Using an ATV or tractor, one person can maneuver the entire line by pulling the flexible pipeline and connected pods along the ground. Irrigators can then be spaced and positioned for as long as necessary, then moved to the next area in just a few minutes.

Pod Irrigation Efficiency

Ease of use is one way that pod irrigation systems are highly efficient for non-standard watering needs; however, they also increase efficiency in other ways. By bringing water to fields with K-Line irrigation systems, pasture and forage crops can be maintained through critical drought periods, prevent dormancy, and increase forage production. These systems are a great choice for smaller fields, orchards, and other crops where a portable sprinkler system is beneficial. In comparison to other types of irrigation systems, pod irrigation is one of the reliable ways to safely water pastures. It is also more affordable overall for smaller growing operations that need a flexible and adaptable system without the huge investment that other irrigation systems require.

Pod irrigation systems solve a number of issues for irrigating forage crops, pastureland, and other types of crops. K-Line irrigation systems make it possible to quickly and easily put the water where it is most needed, even in more difficult environments. Using these versatile systems, a pasture can support more livestock; more forage can be grown; and other challenging irrigation concerns can be efficiently handled for greatest yield!

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