Your center pivot irrigation system is a critical piece of machinery that ensures all your hard work and investment throughout the growing season comes to a fruitful end.

That said, what are you doing about irrigation system maintenance throughout and after the growing season has ended in your area?

Keep your center pivot system, especially older ones, in prime working condition by providing this essential maintenance so that you will continue to get many years of trouble-free service and good crop yield with an irrigation system that performs its best!

1. Do Routine Visual Inspections

Though your irrigators are way out in the fields, the most important recommendation your irrigation system service can stress to you is the need to go out there regularly to visually inspect your systems.

Catch functional and performance issues as they’re developing, not after they’ve caused damage, or you might well have suffered plant loss.

2. Monitor for Common Problems

During your routine visual inspections, look for everything ranging from the evidence of clogged nozzles and flat or underinflated tires to broken mechanical parts and rodent damage in the electrical box.

Check for vandalization including the stripping of copper parts from your system, a common problem that many farmers deal with, plus make a field check after storms to look for storm damage as well.

3. Ensure Proper Grounding

Test for proper grounding periodically to ensure the unit is safe and in proper working order.

As part of your center pivot irrigation system preventive maintenance, invest in a couple of inexpensive grounding rods; place one at the pivot control panel and another at the electrical disconnect box for each one of your systems.

4. Keep Water Out

Center pivot systems tend to accumulate water in the gearboxes and center drives, so when you venture out for a routine visual inspection, drain any collected water from these areas and make sure the oil level in the gearboxes is sufficient.

5. Track Usage to Schedule Maintenance

Use the control panel on your irrigation system to track hours of usage so you can plan your field visits and other recommended essential service for your system.

Planning your maintenance so it’s done at the right times and keeping a good eye on things as a whole reduces downtime and wasted efforts.

6. Keep It Greased

It’s essential to keep the many moving parts on your center pivot irrigation system well lubricated and working freely to promote effective, and efficient irrigation, so be sure to spot check your system during routine inspections and grease the entire system a couple of times every year.

7. Do A Winter Tune-Up

Since this time is approaching, use off-season time to do a thorough inspection and greasing on your entire center pivot system so it’s in great shape and ready to roll come spring planting season.

Check condition and inflation of all tires as well as for grounding and electrical functioning, lubricate all moving parts, flush the system out, check the sprinklers, and more.

Include all other maintenance tasks recommended by the system manufacturer and make repairs and replace broken parts.

Good Center Pivot System Maintenance Means High Efficiency

Like any other machine, especially one that spends its entire life outdoors in the elements, your center pivot irrigator needs maintenance to keep it functioning properly.

Use these recommendations by professional irrigation system services to keep yours in great condition, giving you reliable service year after year!

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