Efficient agricultural irrigation involves having an appropriate irrigation system for the application and keeping it running well.

A problem common with many center pivot systems is flat tires, which can affect the system’s ability to deliver water as programmed or even damage the gearbox by putting excess strain on it.

Enter the airless tire for center pivot irrigation systems, an aftermarket part you can get from the service you use to manage your irrigation system to replace your standard, air-filled tires.

Before thinking airless pivot tires are an extra expense you don’t need, look at the different ways upgrading to these tires can actually save you money in the long run!

Airless Pivot Tires - What Are They?

Airless pivot tires are made for your center pivot irrigation system from solid material so they require no air.

Available in a number of types, these tires are typically designed with an aggressive tread for easy rolling to withstand the two hazards that many air-filled tires are defeated by: punctures and exposure to the elements.

Pros and Cons of Airless Pivot Tires

Because they are solid and don’t require air-filling, airless tires for center pivot irrigation systems are very durable and longer lasting than conventional rubber tires.

They offer a number of benefits that allow them to quickly pay for themselves and save you money from season to season:

  • Durable and Long Lasting - Airless tires don’t dry rot, leak, puncture, or suffer other damage that is common with conventional tires under constant field use out in the elements.

  • More Cost-Effective - Durable airless tires reduce or eliminate a number of issues that cost you money in the end, such as inefficient water delivery, crop wastage, and the cost of replacing conventional tires every few years or whenever one is damaged. They also produce a shallower track, which improves overall travel efficiency.

  • Less Gearbox Damage - Tires that don’t wear out or go flat are less likely to cause damage to the gearbox, which can strain or bind trying to run the system with flats in the line.

Replacing conventional tires on your center pivot irrigation system with airless ones is associated mainly with benefits and cost-savings; however, there is one downside to this switch to know about.

Because the tires are rigid and don’t flex like conventional tires, over time airless tires can cause extra wear and tear on your system’s drivetrain.

For the convenience and cost savings of not having to deal with flats, dry rot, and other problems, irrigation system services still find that most system owners accept the need to replace drivetrain parts a little sooner than they would otherwise.

Different Airless Tire Options Now Available

Today, there are a number of options in airless tires for your center pivot irrigation system with prices that range from a few hundred dollars per tire to around $4,000 for an entire tower:

  • Solid vulcanized rubber with steel belts
  • Rubber with webbed sidewalls
  • Polyethylene and composite resins
  • Steel
  • Poly and Steel

A Great Option for Today’s Ag Irrigators

If you’ve dealt with chronic leaks, punctures, dry rot, deep tracks in your fields, and other problems common with conventional air-filled rubber tires on your irrigation system, a switch to airless tires might be the perfect solution.

The investment you make in these stronger, more efficient tires will reduce the issues that can lead to crop loss as well as frequent tire replacement and instead give you another great way to increase profits through efficient irrigation!

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