Different irrigation needs require different solutions. Orchard irrigation is unique from field irrigation because such an ag irrigation system is set up around trees, rather than in rows of plowed furrows. Orchard growers are seeing great efficiency using micro sprinkler irrigation systems, as they deliver water to taller plants more efficiently, which saves water and helps to prevent tree death. Best of all, these more specialized applications are easy to set up using standard equipment purchased from an irrigation system services company.

Irrigation with Micro Sprinklers

Micro sprinklers are smaller versions of sprinkler units and heads normally found on lateral move and circular center pivot sprinkler units that travel across farm fields, irrigating downward over plants. The difference between the larger versions and micro sprinkler ones is the sprinkler heads; they are mounted onto riser pipes or states that are stuck into the ground where needed, usually close to the base of trees in an orchard. Then they are connected by feed lines to larger water supply pipes or hoses. These systems can be permanent or semi-permanent and stay where placed. The semi-permanent systems using poly hose or tube above ground make installation of ag irrigation systems to every tree easy.

Better Orchard Irrigation

Whether watering alone or providing fertilizer at the same time, the main benefit in micro sprinkler irrigation systems used for orchard irrigation is more effective watering exactly where the water is needed. Set up at a distance of about a foot or slightly more off the ground, water is delivered with fairly low pressure. The root system in the area of ground around each tree directly receives the water, while other non-need areas do not. Low-pressure systems used in this way help prevent evaporation, as most of the water is readily soaked into the ground. Micro sprinkler systems are easily programmed to provide the long, slow watering that is preferable for trees to promote healthy root growth.

Increasing Orchard Yield

Many orchards rely on Mother Nature for water to their trees, since trees have roots that grow deep into the soil to obtain water and nutrients and are much hardier than field crops. On the other hand, orchard growers who irrigate either by necessity or choice notice healthier trees and increased yields. Experienced ag irrigation system services companies say the reason for such increased production is simple,yet often overlooked. By slowly irrigating orchards with micro sprinkler systems, the soil is kept constantly moist, which prevents soil packing. Looser soil promotes healthy root growth – and healthy roots absorb nutrients better. The result is a tree that is well fed, with room for roots to grow, and the energy to produce more fruit during the growing season.

Micro sprinkler ag irrigation systems are a great option for orchard growers who want to increase production efficiently, without wasting water. By using the right ag irrigation system parts to design an appropriate low pressure sprinkler system, micro sprinklers can be quickly cost effective by producing healthy, productive trees. For more information about micro sprinkler setup, and orchard irrigation system design, contact an experienced ag irrigation system services company – today!

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