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For many growers, the use of transplanters can greatly increase seasonal yield by decreasing loss due to early seedling death. Yet getting the most from these machines sold by transplanter supply companies means using the right planting strategies.

When deciding on which transplanter services to use as well as which machines and methods will help you get the most yield from your investment, consider the important strategies below offered by transplanter supply services about how to choose and use this equipment.

How Do I Choose the Right Equipment for My Operation?

There is no argument that hand-setting of seedlings is slow and labor-intensive, which makes investing wisely in equipment from transplanter supply services important. Make the decision about such an investment based on the size of your farm. The cost of this equipment purchased from transplanter supply companies may not be worthwhile for farms of only a few acres.

Transplanter equipment starts to become an economic choice on farms of four or more acres. Medium-sized farms can benefit greatly from affordable tractor-mounted transplanters that can cut overall setting time in half. Larger operations typically require full-sized, mechanical transplanters; they are considerably more expensive but quickly pay for themselves in increased yields.

Keep Equipment Calibrated

After choosing equipment from transplanter services that most easily and cost-effectively suit your needs, ensure it works well by keeping it clean and calibrated. This includes learning proper equipment use from trusted transplanter supply services, ensuring it is functioning correctly before loading it, and keeping the seed tubes clean and free of blockages. Something as simple as one or two blocked tubes can result in entire rows being missed, reducing yield for that season.

Always test the equipment to make sure it is working properly and calibrated for the right distances before loading it and heading out to the fields.

Transplant for Crop Success

Beyond the actual equipment purchased from transplanter supply dealers, you must also use effective techniques that encourage the most growth while considering the individual growing needs of each crop. Make the most efficient use of space and promote healthy growth in the following ways:

  • Mark Rows Appropriately and Evenly - Before heading to the fields with your equipment, mark the ends of your rows evenly according to crop needs. Whether you use a marking rake, mark with string or a dibbler for smaller operations, or use the row-marking knives on a cultivator, be sure to mark the soil first and then adjust your transplanter to match the rows to ensure even spacing.
  • Make Straight Rows - Practice running the equipment purchased from transplanter services to make straight rows. Waviness may not seem like a big deal at the time of planting; however, it becomes a huge problem when using cultivators as it becomes impossible to run the machinery without accidentally pulling out plants.  
  • Leave Space for Weed Control - Although you want fields to be most efficient by marking even rows and setting seedlings as straight as possible, the balance is that you must also leave room for weed management. Rows spaced too closely increase the risk of plants being pulled out by cultivators. Learn effective spacing for crops that corresponds with the adjustments on your equipment to reduce loss.

Transplanters are available from local transplanter supply dealers and can help you achieve increased yield from your fields each season. Transplanter services stress that they must be used effectively to promote efficiency and reduce crop loss. Learn which equipment best suits your farm’s needs and how to use it by discussing your operation with your local transplanter supply services!

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