A leader in the world of agricultural irrigation systems, Lindsay offers the dependable products you need for your operation.

Lindsay manufactures the best lateral and center pivot irrigation systems to handle just about any size and shape field for the greatest efficiency.

Before you buy any other system from center pivot sprinkler irrigation system services, learn the many reasons why a Lindsay irrigator is your best choice.

A Variety of Systems to Fit Your Needs

The point of using irrigation systems is to increase harvest yields while reducing costs.

With this in mind, Lindsay provides a wide variety of versatile solutions for ag irrigation so you can achieve that.

Lindsay uses the technology and components that allow you to build a custom system to handle just about any field regardless of its shape or size.

Their linear and center pivot irrigation systems allow you to plant even the most underutilized corners of your fields, enabling them to receive the water needed for optimal growth.

Through custom application with your Lindsay system, you will see a higher yield while reducing water waste and other irrigating costs.

Customizable Controls and Pump Stations

To accommodate their custom systems, Lindsay incorporates GrowSmart control panels to provide the greatest control in a very user-friendly way.

There are multiple GrowSmart panels available, each one offering a different degree of control to fit your specific needs.

Effectively programmed, you can use your Lindsay irrigator to achieve maximum yield with the least amount of water, energy, and time.

Additionally, the Lindsay systems sold by center pivot sprinkler irrigation system services can include a Watertronics custom pump station for effective irrigation system performance.

The Watertronics pumps are available as horizontal or vertical units, each one fully integrated and housed to provide you with pump performance and efficiency to get the most from your Lindsay center pivot irrigation system.

Durable Components That Work - and Last

Lindsay irrigation components are built to give you unsurpassable precision to design a custom system that provides exceptionally reliable service year after year.

Made from top-quality materials, these systems are built to give you years of service without experiencing the problems many others do.

You will experience less downtime and reduced crop loss due to downtime with a Lindsay irrigator purchased from your local center pivot sprinkler system dealer.

Built with heavy-duty drive trains and composed of strong spans and trusses that are available in varying heights, Lindsay systems stay functional and efficient even after years of exposure to the weather.

If you are in the market for an ag irrigation system, be sure to look at the lateral and center pivot irrigation systems available from Lindsay.

Using the latest technology, very durable materials, and innovative product design, Lindsay has built one of the best irrigators available today.

To learn more about Lindsay irrigators and design the perfect system for your needs, talk to your local center pivot sprinkler irrigation system services.

Invest in a new Lindsay irrigator now and have it set up in time for the upcoming growing season!

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