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Growing vegetables from seeds can be difficult, especially when soil and weather conditions are not ideal for starting seedlings. Transplanter supply services suggest that one option to avoid these problems is starting seeds indoors, then moving the seedlings into your fields after they have sprouted.

By using specially designed machines purchased from a transplanter supply company, you can efficiently relocate greenhouse-started seeds into your fields and give them a fighting chance. Transplanter services give you a number of options for moving large numbers of started seedlings outdoors once they can more easily survive.

How Is Transplanting Done?

Transplanting is a relatively simple process when done using a machine purchased from transplanter supply services.You start your vegetable seeds indoors, usually in a greenhouse, and move them to your fields once the seeds have grown into viable yet immature plants. Seedlings with bare roots or surrounded by a root ball are loaded into the machine that travels slowly along tilled fields, pushing the roots into the ground.

These machines can handle various plant types and dramatically reduce the time and work required to transfer seedlings when they are more likely to survive. They are available from transplanter services in different sizes and types,

What Are the Benefits of Transplanting?

Transplanter supply companies find that farms can see quite a few benefits when they start seeds indoors and replant them outdoors. The primary benefit is increased sprout rates and reduced death of immature plants. Replanting seedlings with equipment purchased from transplanter supply services also helps you get more uniform plant growth when seedlings of the same size are replanted.

Seedlings can also be put in the ground earlier in the season when they are more robust and able to withstand cooler conditions. All of this equates to higher yield rates at the end of the growing season and an increased ability to rotate fields by taking full advantage of the entire growing season.

Transplanter services equipment allows for more efficient use of farmland because viable plants set into the soil reduce seed loss and seed costs. Transplanting also reduces soil erosion, as it is a less disruptive process than having to till the soil to sow seeds. Replanting seedlings helps reduce early loss caused by insects and disease as well.

Who Should Use Transplanters?

Considering the many benefits obtained by using equipment available from transplanter supply companies, these machines can be useful for growing operations of all sizes. Any farmer who wishes to greenhouse start their seeds can expect to benefit. The machines are available in models small enough to replant a few acres all the way up to models used with tractors and other large equipment to seed huge fields.

Although using this machinery does involve more labor than sowing directly into the field, the costs are easily recovered through higher yields, greater field efficiency, and enhanced growing seasons.

If increasing overall efficiency and yield is your goal, one way you can achieve this is by using equipment available from transplanter services. You will have the option to start your seeds indoors where delicate seedlings can grow ahead of the warm weather. You can then replant them with transplanter supply machinery at the start of the growing season.

Whether you run a small family farm or seed hundreds of acres at a time, your local transplanter supply services have the equipment you need for efficient vegetable growing and harvesting!

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