Irrigation plays a crucial part in getting the best yield from planted fields; however, it isn’t always possible to rely on the set-up ease offered by a center pivot or lateral sprinkler system. When restrictions prevent the use of other types of irrigators, Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler systems can be a reliable option for many farmers. The companies that sell Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler system parts and service advise their customers that these sprinkler systems go anywhere and help farmers solve their irrigation problems easily and affordably.

Nelson Big Gun® Water Cannons for Farm Fields

Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler systems are basically a giant version of a typical lawn sprinkler, with a central head that delivers water as it rotates. These large agricultural versions are set on skid-type stands or wheeled carts to provide easy maneuverability and positioning; when turned on, a jet of water is sprayed in a large circle, the size of which is dependent upon water pressure and whether or not the sprinkler is an adjustable model. This type of irrigation system can usually be moved manually, although there are sprinkler versions available that can move automatically, known as hose reel traveling irrigators, where the sprinkler is attached to a cart at the end of a hose, and it follows the hose that has been previously unreeled in the field as it winds back in.

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers – Irrigating Where Others Cannot

Automatic irrigation is always easiest, although many irrigation situations require monitoring and moving systems around for the best results. It is good to know that Nelson big gun sprinkler systems are not very difficult to move around. They can usually be relocated by one person, making it easy to follow a planned irrigation schedule to be sure all parts of a field get the necessary water to grow the plants.

The companies that sell Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler system parts advise customers that one of the biggest advantages of this system is that it can be the best choice where other irrigation systems will not work. This may be due to irregularly shaped fields; fields that are difficult to access with other types of sprinklers; or fields that cannot be fed by pipes, trenches, or natural irrigation methods. They can also be used in fields where animals graze part of the time, as the mobility of this system allows for it to be moved when animals are present.

Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers – Bigger Crop Yields

A Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler system can help increase the yield possible on farm property because irrigation can be done with this system on land that is almost any size, shape, or layout. These irrigation systems can be set up based on the available water pressure and are easy to relocate and maintain. The rotating sprinklers enable farmers to have complete control over the amount of water their fields receive, providing an economical solution to get a high crop yield. They are useful for most types of plants, regardless of growth height, and help conserve water, as they can be sprayed exactly where water is needed.

Any farming operation that needs economical and efficient irrigation solutions often find that Nelson big gun sprinkler systems can work where others don’t and help get the best yield from planted fields. Even when used together with other systems to irrigate hard-to-reach areas, local Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler system services can demonstrate where this type of watering system can best work for a specific farming location. With the ability to get water everywhere it needs to go, increasing yield with proper irrigation has never been easier!

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