Power Equipment in Brenham Texas

A generator can be an essential must-have item for residents living in hurricane-prone areas like Texas. Yet unlike what many home centers and mass retailers would like their buyers to think, not every generator is the same, nor are all consumers needs the same. So buyers must know what they need and look for necessary features on power equipment that promote safe and efficient use.

By purchasing from retailers that feature Honda power equipment and other generators, consumers can choose from a full selection of generators with the features that every generator should have. For reliable and safe use, consumers should look for these important features on Honda generators as well as on other power generators.

Electric Start with Available Pull Cord Start

Most home generators come equipped with electric start buttons, making generator start-up easy and convenient. Yet electric start-ups require battery power and many times after a generator has been in storage for a while, the electric start will not work. This can be a real problem if the power goes out and it becomes impossible to get the generator started. To avoid this problem, consumers should look for power equipment like generators with a pull cord start as well as an electric one. Should the start battery be dead, the generator can still be started with a quick pull of the cord.

Fuel Gauge

Regardless of the size of the generator's fuel tank, it is important to be able to keep track of fuel usage to prevent stalling. As simple as this feature may be, it is surprising that many generators do not have a fuel gauge. Honda generators, with easily monitored fuel gauges, are highly recommended for providing hours of operation without running out of fuel.

Manual Fuel Shut-Off Switch

Although all generators function so that fuel to the engine is cut off when the generator is turned off, having a manual fuel shut-off switch is highly recommended. The purpose of a manual fuel shut-off is to cut the fuel to the motor before turning the generator off and any fuel still in the system is burned up. The generator will turn itself off once it receives no more fuel. An automatic shut-off is instantaneous, leaving fuel inside the fuel system. Fuel that sits inside the fuel system of any power equipment that being used or in storage can spoil and make starting more difficult the next time.

Low Oil Indicator and Shut Off

Oil is essential to keep power equipment motor running smoothly and efficiently. Because Honda power equipment such as portable generators burn oil very slowly, it is easy to forget to check the oil level and replenish it when low. Unfortunately, a generator that runs low on oil could seize, rendering the generator useless. Since oil is so critical to the proper functioning of a generator, it is recommended that consumers always look for power equipment with a low oil indicator and automatic shut-off. This feature will protect the generator when oil gets low and instantly remind owners to refill the oil.

While these may seem like very simple features that aren't really neded, they provide important benefits in the use and care of Honda generators. Interestingly, although it might seem like a natural assumption that the most expensive generators and other power equipment would include all of these functions, this is not necessarily the case. Therefore, consumers should search for the specific Honda power equipment that suits their needs and has these important safety and usage features!

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