As primitive as the idea of transporting water from Point A to Point B to keep crops growing may be, actually doing so with a good farm irrigation system can become a bit technical.

Between water pressure, soil types, weather, and a myriad of other variables, today’s irrigation systems do require some planning as well as careful control and monitoring.

Fortunately, there are some great remote monitoring and control systems available from farm irrigation services to ease the job of keeping your systems properly functioning.

Though these systems usually require an additional investment, there are many valid reasons why farmers should seriously consider remotely controlling their irrigators.

1. Track Farm Irrigation System Functionality

Remote controlling and monitoring of farm irrigation systems is a highly efficient way to follow what each of your irrigators is doing in real time, based on various parameters.

You can track irrigator output, detect when there is a problem with your system, and proactively keep your irrigator running properly according to your application needs.

2. Program Irrigation Systems by Monitoring Conditions

Designed to monitor external conditions as well as what your irrigation system is doing, remote monitoring and control devices can provide the essential data you need to program your irrigation.

You can determine water needs based on plant type, soil condition, current weather conditions, and more so any guesswork is removed.

3. Conserve Water and Resources

Improved efficiency and lower operating costs are impressive benefits gained from being able to effectively program your irrigator with a remote monitoring and controlling setup purchased from your farm irrigation system services.

Most who use these systems realize considerable savings in water and fuel usage, both of which play a part in decreasing your costs while increasing yield.

4. Reduce Labor Investment

Another efficient benefit gained using remote control and monitoring devices with your farm irrigation systems is the amount of labor you will save trying to monitor your different fields.

GPS-enabled remote systems that run on solar power and transmit data wirelessly via cellular means you can track, program, and troubleshoot all of your irrigators from the same device without even going out into the field.

You can program all your connected irrigators as well as learn if there is a problem in a snap.

Improve Irrigation Efficiency and Crop Yield

Proper irrigating with current irrigation systems technology involves the accurate detection of growing conditions for programming purposes, careful system and conditions monitoring, and proactive problem detection and resolution.

You can accomplish all of this easily when you upgrade your irrigation with a remote control and monitoring system available from your farm irrigation service!

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