Modern farm irrigation systems are one of the most important tools that today’s farmers have at their disposal to increase crop yield and reduce harvest costs.

While drip irrigation systems are among the most popular, they aren’t always the right choice for every farming operation.

Farm irrigation system services recommend choosing the system that most effectively fits your growing operation whether it's a drip system or some other type to ensure high efficiency.

The right irrigation system ensures a higher yield and can also reduce water and energy waste.

Water Efficiency Is the Goal

While the obvious main goal of using farm irrigation systems is to increase crop yield, additional and equally important goals are to do that using the least amount of water while maintaining soil health and growing sustainability.

Water is becoming a more important and expensive commodity each year; it’s essential to conserve it by irrigating using very efficient techniques.

You can accomplish this by working with an experienced farm irrigation system service to help you decide which system is the right one for your individual need.

Variables To Determine Efficient Irrigation Methods

There are now a number of commercially available farm irrigation systems to choose from, each one designed to deliver water efficiently based on different external conditions:

  • Drip
  • Center Pivot
  • Traveling Gun
  • Linear Motion

To choose the best one, you as a farmer must consider the many variables that can affect water usage and plant absorption yet reduce overwatering and runoff:

  • Soil composition, moisture levels, and geography.
  • Plant type, footprint, and nutritional requirements.
  • Water productivity that considers sustainability in terms of energy and resources used, year-to-year planting, and maintaining soil health.
  • Evaporation, runoff, and soil erosion.

Drip Irrigation - Efficient for Some But Not All Crops

A key benefit of your use of a drip irrigation system is that it permits the delivery of water right to the plant without loss due to overspray and evaporation.

It is more efficient, using up to 35% less water than other types of spray or sprinkler farm irrigation systems.

Yet because these systems tend to see more efficient use by smaller operations or with crops where individual plants can be watered using a dedicated drip nozzle, having to convert larger or already established systems to more efficient ones is not always possible.

In these situations, the best option to keep your costs lower while maintaining a higher level of water efficiency and overall sustainability is to choose a system that more appropriately serves the individual need, then run it in a highly efficient manner.

Drip Irrigation Systems - An Efficient Crop Irrigation Choice

Overall, you must weigh the cost of your farm irrigation system and its cost in terms of water and soil conservation versus an expected increase in yield.

Drip irrigation systems are highly efficient in terms of water conservation; however, they only fit some applications.

A knowledgeable farm irrigation system service can help you consider all related factors to make the right choice of an irrigation system!

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