The goal of all farmers using ag irrigation systems and other agricultural technology is to increase harvest yields and keep operating costs as low as possible.

Watering aids provided by ag irrigation system services have been a predominant technology used to get and keep crops growing.

It’s equally important to track how these systems and your other strategies are working.

You can do that today using digital programs that track harvest data for analysis afterward.

Why Is Tracking Your Harvest Yield Important?

While it may seem like a simple concept that if you harvest more, you make more income, digitally tracking your yield can offer you a number of not-so-obvious benefits.

Properly calculated using available harvest tracking programs, you can determine everything from whether ag irrigation systems are providing enough moisture for all areas of your fields to whether your seeds are producing what they should be.

There’s much more to planning an efficient growing season than just the final yield count.

When you have access to this important data, ag irrigation system services suggest that you can make more educated decisions to increase your yield throughout the entire season.

How Do You Track Your Harvest Data?

Although digital harvest data analysis technology is readily available and many farmers have had it at their fingertips, many have failed to put it to good use.

If you want to understand how to get the most from your ag irrigation systems, seeds, labor, and other resources, using your harvest data is one of the best ways to do it.

There are basically two elements involved in tracking harvest data: the onboard tracking system in your combine and specialty software used on an iPad or other digital devices to interpret it.

Harvest yield is either automatically or manually entered into the program so it can be used to make various calculations about how successful your harvest really is.

Making good use of this technology does require that to keep both your combine and application software up to date, as digital technology is always improving.

You may have to contact your combine servicer to do that each season.

Best Tips for Using Your Harvest Data

Ag irrigation system services suggest that to get the most from your digital harvest data, your program must be set up correctly in the first place. Ideally, this means collecting your planting data first or manually entering it if you have it available.

If not, you can start the new season by first tracking planting details so you have a full range of data to work from to get the most accurate results.

The best programs have features that allow you to document your field shape and size, seed and irrigation information, and other critical details necessary to calculate what worked for your harvest this year and what didn’t.

You can use this data to plan a better harvest next year as well as predict and budget your finances more accurately.

Keeping your combine computer and software applications updated is also critical.

In Summary

As every farmer knows, getting good harvests with high yield is becoming more of a science every day.

From programming ag irrigation systems for greatest efficiency to analyzing the problems that affect plant growth, it’s important to utilize the technology available for you to plan accordingly.

Your digital harvest data can be instrumental in helping you decide what ag irrigation system services you should use and which irrigating plans are working best for you!

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