Micro Irrigation Systems in Brenham Texas

With spring right around the corner, most growers are preparing for cultivating plots and planting crops. This is also the best time to look into drip irrigation systems to help keep fields productive throughout the entire growing season. Especially suitable for nurseries, orchards, and smaller gardens, micro irrigation systems help growers put water where it is most needed while keeping watering costs down.

Micro Irrigation for Greatest Efficiency

Irrigation is essential for most growers in order to produce the greatest yield for their growing efforts. An important consideration when deciding on the right system is the type of plant, water requirements, and how to most efficiently deliver water to the plants.

Smaller plants or growing setups such as orchards and vineyards, plant nurseries, and even home gardeners see great results when utilizing the proper micro irrigation systems. They can deliver water directly to the plant as needed, reducing evaporation and other water waste. Available in either drip irrigation systems or micro sprinkler setups, this low-pressure method of irrigation is affordable, convenient, and highly efficient.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems deliver water slowly, as it drips and seeps from the system. This slower, yet constant delivery makes it ideal for watering smaller trees and vines that are spaced further apart and require supplemental watering. Emitters can be set up either right on the plant or tree as well as on the ground around it, allowing water to be directed right to the roots. This technique keeps the soil around the roots as moist as the plant requires and drastically reduces water lost through evaporation since delivery is straight to the ground.

Based on the needs of the individual crop, drip systems can be programmed to provide water all day during warmer weather to prevent the soil around the roots from drying out, making the absorption of water more difficult. This slow moisture method prevents root damage and ensures that each individual plant, not the soil between plants, receives enough water.

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

Another type of micro irrigation system is micro sprinklers. These systems work similarly to larger field sprinklers but on a much smaller scale. Micro-spray irrigation actually combines water delivery methods because it is a spray sprinkler type system set up low to the ground, mimicking the benefits of drip irrigation.

Micro sprinklers water a larger ground area than drip systems, yet are lower to the ground which reduces water waste from evaporation in comparison to larger sprinkler irrigators. Micro sprinklers are ideal for gardens, smaller crop plots, and plant nurseries as they deliver more water than drip systems while still giving growers total control over system design and water delivery amounts.

Every year the technology available in micro sprinklers and drip irrigation systems improves even more. With water conservation and reduced costs a main concern for all growers, these smaller set-ups allow growers to get the best yield possible each season by providing them the most efficient ways to keep plants watered!

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