How Does Remotely Controlled Irrigation Affect Farmers?

As primitive as the idea of transporting water from Point A to Point B to keep crops growing may be, actually doing so with a good farm irrigation system can become a bit technical.

Between water pressure, soil types, weather, and a myriad of other variables, today’s irrigation systems do [...]

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You Can Affordably Monitor Ag Irrigation Systems Remotely!

The key to uniform and profitable irrigating is having an efficient ag irrigation system that is regularly monitored so problems are quickly detected; however, monitoring these systems is easier said than done!

Until recently, you needed a bird’s eye view to keep track of all your irrigators to make sure [...]

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New Irrigation System Trends – Check Out Airless Pivot Tires!

Efficient agricultural irrigation involves having an appropriate irrigation system for the application and keeping it running well.

A problem common with many center pivot systems is flat tires, which can affect the system’s ability to deliver water as programmed or even damage the gearbox by putting excess strain on it.


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What Can Create An Effective Water Reduction Plan For Farms?

In an era of less rainfall and depleting water sources, farmers using irrigation systems are increasingly facing the same challenges that brought them to investing in ag irrigation systems in the first place.

Less water means there is a pressing need to come up with effective ways to make it [...]

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Farm Irrigation – Are Drip Systems Always The Right Choice?

Modern farm irrigation systems are one of the most important tools that today’s farmers have at their disposal to increase crop yield and reduce harvest costs.

While drip irrigation systems are among the most popular, they aren’t always the right choice for every farming operation.

Farm irrigation system services recommend [...]

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Center Pivot Irrigation System Nozzles – Keep Them Clean!

Center pivot irrigation systems provide farmers with the ability to keep their fields well-irrigated and increase crop yield while reducing water consumption.

Built off of a relatively simple idea, today’s center pivot sprinkler systems are more capable and programmable than ever before, helping you to achieve higher levels of efficiency [...]

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How Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Can Increase Crop Yield!

The primary goal of every farmer growing crops is to increase crop yield as effectively and efficiently as possible to reduce cost per acre.

One way to do that is by installing a center pivot irrigation system so long as the center pivot system is set up correctly for the [...]

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Irrigation – Looking at Lindsay Irrigation Systems!

A leader in the world of agricultural irrigation systems, Lindsay offers the dependable products you need for your operation.

Lindsay manufactures the best lateral and center pivot irrigation systems to handle just about any size and shape field for the greatest efficiency.

Before you buy any other system from center [...]

Have You Scheduled Your Winter Irrigation System Inspection?

Freezing temperatures are one of the biggest threats to agricultural irrigation systems.

If your system is not properly inspected and shut down for the season, you could find yourself facing the need for costly irrigation system repair when you try starting it up again in the spring.

On the other [...]

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Just What You Need To Know About Variable Rate Fertigation!

The practice of fertigation or delivering fertilizers through irrigation systems has been used for some time now.

As efficient as it may be, fertigation through farm irrigation systems is sometimes limited in how effective it is when irrigating multiple areas with different requirements.

Irrigation system services can now offer variable [...]

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