Warmer weather is already here and for farmers across Texas getting ready for planting and eventually the need to irrigate, your concern should be if your ag irrigation system is ready to go!

Before you plant, do a pre-season check-up on your system to ensure it’s ready for use so if any ag irrigation system repairs are needed there is still enough time to get it done.

Enjoy higher yield rates with less water wastage with a system that’s functioning properly and not subject to a breakdown, leaving your fields to the watering whims of Mother Nature!

Check Motor And Pump

Two areas that can be overlooked when doing ag irrigation system services each year are the pump and motor; however, without them the entire system would fail to work.

Change the oil in the motor, maintain it, and test it as you would any other motor to ensure it’s working properly and efficiently.

The pump should be lubricated prior to putting it into service using a dripper line and the fittings should be checked to ensure their tightness.

Once both have been well-lubricated and seem to be functioning correctly, you can put the system into use this spring.

Clean the Lines and Nozzles

Prevent blockage or non-uniform delivery that can cause plant loss by cleaning any debris or deposits from lines and nozzles that may have collected there after the last use or over the winter.

Do a chlorine and water flush to eliminate contaminants that can transfer disease to plants, mineral deposits that can clog lines and nozzles, and sand particles that can wear out the nozzles.

A clean system will deliver water efficiently for optimal and uniform plant growth without wasting water.

Inspect The Entire Pivot System

Though it may take some time, go over the entire pivot system tower by tower to be certain their functionality and uncover any need for repairs that need handling before the system goes into service.

Such an action would include:

  • Inspection and servicing of gearboxes.
  • Checking tires for condition and proper inflation.
  • Inspection of drivetrain for wear.
  • Checking the tower box.
  • Making sure each tower is properly aligned.

When all of this is done, run the system and look for leaks.

Check the Water Delivery System

Beyond checking the mechanical system and cleaning out lines and nozzles, your pre-season ag irrigation system service should also include a thorough check of the entire water delivery system starting with the pipes out of your water source and ending at the nozzles.

Inspect the pump, water lines, and nozzles for leaks and be certain that all pressure regulators are well-sealed and functioning properly.

Leaks or malfunctions with any of these parts will affect water usage and delivery resulting in non-uniform irrigation, higher water costs, and plant loss.

Is Your Ag Irrigation System Ready For Another Season?

The last thing anyone wants to be dealing with once their fields are planted is an irrigation system that fails to perform correctly.

You can alleviate most of those problems by giving your system a little pre-season attention to make certain that it’s been properly maintained and in working order, ready to go into service.

Get increased yields while conserving water and reducing repair costs with a thorough system check-up today so you’ll have a season of trouble-free operation tomorrow!

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