Every fall and winter, farm owners and average homeowners alike deal with the same concerns on how to handle weather-related power outages.

When you’re trying to keep the furnace and other critical equipment running, a power generator can handle the job.

Available in multiple sizes to fit your every need, no home should be without one of these powerful yet affordable power generators, especially in Texas where the weather can be so erratic this time of year.

Be Prepared for Unpredictable Weather

Texas experiences some of the most unpredictable weather in the country, with its fall hurricanes in the south and freezing icy winter conditions in the north, with those living in the central part of the state feeling a little bit of both.

The chance of a power outage that leaves your home and/or your farm without electricity is high.

Getting the power back can take anywhere from hours to days depending on the severity of the conditions, where you’re located, and many other factors.

Fortunately, you can keep the power on for critical appliances and equipment with a power generator that can keep you safe and comfortable year after year while you ride out power outages caused by inclement weather

What Can A Generator Do?

Standby generators are designed to produce enough electricity to keep critical parts of your household or building running when the power is out due to weather or some other reason.

Appropriately sized, generators such as a Honda produce enough power to keep your furnace or air conditioning on as well as your refrigerator and your lights.

This source of electricity will allow you to keep your phones charged and prevent your pipes from freezing or even run farm equipment like greenhouse heaters and grow lights, incubators, and other critical equipment that you use to make your living.

Switching on within minutes after a power outage, standby generators will take over all of that to prevent monetary loss and keep the electricity flowing.

What Size To Get?

Because everyone has different power requirements, most types of power generators come in a variety of sizes that can easily serve those differing needs.

Sized by kilowatt (kW), it’s possible to keep all the essentials running in an average-sized home with a 22 KW generator, while generators up to 45 KW or more serve larger homes, homes with higher electricity requirements, and other buildings and equipment

Rely On A Power Generator

Losing power can be an inconvenience at the very least as well as create a dangerous or unhealthy situation at the worst.

A generator like those produced by Honda can keep your home and other buildings powered for critical appliances and equipment this winter until the electricity comes back on.

An appropriately sized standby generator wired in for a seamless transition is a great investment for every home, farm, or business owner to make and you better believe that it will pay for itself after the first use!

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