Portable Sprinkler Irrigation Systems in Washington County Texas

Planting time is almost here, which means that it is the time to consider the best options in portable sprinkler irrigation systems. For operations in need of watering solutions that can be easily moved from one field to another or irrigate irregular spaces, there are a number of suitable options available. Consider K-Line irrigation systems, Nelson Big Gun sprinkler systems, and other hose reel systems for increasing crop yield in the most economical ways.

K-Line Pod Irrigation Systems

K-Line irrigation systems are pod irrigators designed to provide the ultimate in portability when it is necessary to supply supplemental watering to forage fields and other areas where permanent methods cannot be used. These durable pods that contain the irrigation sprinkler heads can be easily set up within a line of delivery hoses, then pulled into position behind an ATV or truck.

They are weather-resistant, animal-resistant, and can be used on any terrain to deliver water where it is most needed. Especially suited for animal operations, K-Line irrigation systems help ranchers keep the grass growing to continuously provide for grazing herds.

Nelson Big Gun Systems

For greater irrigating needs, Nelson Big Gun sprinkler systems can provide delivery comparable to permanent systems, with the added flexibility of being able to move them anywhere. Useful for irregularly shaped fields, fields that are not accessible by lateral or center pivot sprinklers, or those used for grazing, Nelson Big Gun sprinkler systems can be conveniently rolled onto the field by one person and moved around as required.

Each unit contains a rotating sprinkler head that provides high-pressure delivery of water in a wide circle around the unit. When portable sprinkler irrigation systems capable of higher-pressure delivery are required, Nelson sprinklers are a great choice to keep fields thriving.

Hose Reel Sprinklers

When a more automated approach to watering is required, there are a number of hose reel traveling sprinkler systems that may solve different irrigating problems. Hose reel portable sprinkler irrigation systems, also known as traveling gun sprinklers, simplify total field irrigation because they are designed to slowly creep along and water the entire field.

Driven by either a turbine or an engine, these sprinklers are set up on carts that get pulled along the irrigation path, either by a cable at the end of the lane or by the hose reel as it slowly rolls up the hose. Hose reel sprinklers require less manual maneuvering than water cannons, making them an ideal option when low labor requirements are desired. They can be set up and then left all day to water along the entire irrigation lane.

When details like field shape, field accessibility, and other needs make portable sprinkler irrigation systems the preferred option, there are now a number of reliable options available. Farmers and ranchers will get great use from hose reel, pod, and water cannon systems including K-Line irrigation systems and Nelson Big Gun sprinkler systems. These portable sprinklers easily go where they are needed when other irrigation methods are not an option, allowing farmers to gain the best yield from all their crops and fields!

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