K-Line Pod Irrigation

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Looking to irrigate your forage crops or pastures? Consider K-Line pod irrigation! K-Line pod irrigation works in fields of all shapes and sizes, and has many benefits, including cost effective irrigation, simple installation, easy shifting, efficient use of available water, and slow application rate for maximizing absorption.

K-Line Irrigation System

The 10 pod K-Line portable irrigation system covers 8 acres in 7 days. This system includes the following components creating a system capable of delivering a flow rate of 40 GPM at 100 PSI at the pump discharge:

-- 2" x 20' suction hose with strainer and female cam lock connection
-- 5.5 HP IPT self-priming high pressure pump with wheel cart and 8 gallon fuel tank
-- 2" x 150' high pressure discharge hose with male x female cam lock ends (1 - 100' & 1 - 50' roll)
-- 700' of 40mm (1.5") K-Line poly pipe (2 - 300' & 1 - 100' rolls)
-- 10 pods with Naan 5022 sprinklers with red nozzle

K-Line Irrigation Benefits

K-Line is a revolutionary new irrigation system designed for pastures and forage crops. Some of the benefits of using this system include:

  • Cost effective irrigation
  • Simple installation
  • Easy shifting
  • Suits all terrain and property sizes
  • Efficient use of available water
  • Easy expansion
  • Slow application rate for maximizing absorption

The heart of the system is a series of tough, one-piece plastic pods protecting a sprinkler firmly attached to the special K-Line low density tubing. The system can be run on pressures ranging from 35 – 60 PSI at the sprinklers. It is designed to distribute water through a slow absorption method for up to a 24 hour period (like a soft rain). This also eliminates the need to shift irrigation several times a day and allows for maximum absorption into the soil.

K-Line Irrigation works in fields of all shapes and sizes! (From 2 acres to 200 acres!) Up to 13 pods can be installed on one sprinkler line, with a 50′ maximum sprinkler spacing.

 K-Line Parts

Item # Description
 1 KL40LD-100


100′ Roll 40MM K-Line LLDP Poly Pipe

300’ Roll 40MM K-Line LLDP Poly Pipe

2 KL40P5N-R 40MM Pod With Naan 5022 Sprinkler – Red Nozzle
NAAN-5022-R NAAN-5022-R Naan 5022 Sprinkler With Red Nozzle

Other Nozzles Available:

NAAN-NOZ-O – 2.8MM Orange

NAAN-NOZ-R – 3.0MM Red

NAAN-NOZ-G – 3.2MM Green

NAAN-NOZ-BU – 3.5MM Blue

NAAN-NOZ-BK – 4.0MM Black


 4 KLTPS40-5 40MM Tapping Saddle W/Nuts & Washers
5 NAAN-ADAPT ½” NPT Naan #5022 Adapter for Saddle
 6 APU40 40MM Pipe Union
7 KLAFC40 40MM x 1.50” Female Adapter (CxFPT)
Male Adapter KLAMC40 40MM x 1.50” Male Adapter (CxMPT)
Straight Coupling KLASC40 40MM Straight Coupling (CxC)
 10 RXGHC40 40MM Galvanized Hook Cap
11 KLSG/NAAN Stock Guard With Screws
 12 KLPRV40-35




35 PSI Pressure Regulator – 1.5” MPT

43 PSI Pressure Regulator – 1.5″ MPT

50 PSI Pressure Regulator – 1.5” MPT

57 PSI Pressure Regulator – 1.5” MPT

All parts can be sold separately
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