Zimmatic™ Center Pivot Systems

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BANKS-RANCH-2004-05-25_0020 Zimmatic™ Center Pivot Irrigation Systems are available for various applications:

  • Wastewater disposal for municipalities
  • Row crop irrigation for farmers
  • Hay and pasture production for ranchers
  • Turf Grass production for turf farmers

Typical machine lengths: 500 ft. – ½ mile (2640 ft.)

Flow rates: 100-2600 GPM

Operating Pressures: 15-50 PSI

Requires 3-Phase electric source – utility or generator set

terrell-farms Why a Zimmatic™ Center Pivot?

  • Maximize your yields with water and chemicals in the right place at the right time
  • Reduce waste with precision application
  • Maximize the efficiency of time and labor
  • Designed and engineered for life on the farm
  • Financing Available
Control Panels Pivot Point

  • Heavy-Duty Pivot Point Structure
  • FieldBASIC, FieldVISION, or FieldBOSS Control Panels


Support Structure

  • Standard 11 gauge pipe available in following sizes:5 9/16”6 5/8”8”10”
  • V-Jack Truss design for superior support and durability
  • Formed Outlets using tapered-to-tapered thread connections


Tower Structure

  • Four-legged tower attached to heavy-duty drive tube
  • Tower controls housed in weather-tight enclosure
  • Split coupler encloses an inner boot to ensure a solid watertight connection
  • Durable and efficient center drive motor
  • Heavy-duty PowerDrive gearbox
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized tire rims
  • Tires to match soil and crop type


Sprinkler Options

  • Galvanized steel, PVC pipe or reinforced hose drops
  • Standard or heavy-duty pressure regulators
  • Rotating spray sprinklers
  • Fixed spray sprinklers
  • Low energy precision application sprinklers
  • End guns
Design and installation services are available. Parts and repair services available by trained technicians.

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