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What is a K-Line Irrigation System?

The system is a series of small tough plastic pods protecting an impact sprinkler, connected by low density poly pipe. The system is designed to run on lower pressure. The small flexible, strong lightweight lines can be moved easily with a 4 wheeled ATV.

The system is designed to reduce labor cost and reduce your irrigation budget!

Longest system – 600 ft. consisting of 12 pods

Coverage – Irrigates a field 1200 ft. long (about 8-10 acres)
Requirements- 30-35 GPM at 50-70 PSI pump pressures
( Number of systems capable of running at one time depends on water supply and pump pressures)

Shortest Practical System – 250 ft. consisting of 5 pods

Coverage – Irrigates a field 500 ft. long (about 3-5 acres)
Requirements – 12-15 GPM at 50-60 PSI pump pressures
(Number of systems capable of running at one time depends on water supply and pump pressures)

K-Line move sequence


Shifting the system is a simple process as follows:

1. K-Line is Irrigating Shift 1.

2. Go to the far end of the sprinkler line. Turn your ATV back into and along the side of your sprinkler line, (see diagram above). In one easy movement, hook onto the sprinkler line and start immediately back along your pod line staying within 5’ of your pod line. Line up with your marker once you cross the midpoint and continue to the end of the field. Un-hook and repeat shifting process in the next paddock or field. Sprinklers remain in operation while lines are being moved.

3. K-Line is now irrigating Shift 2.

4. Repeat step 2 in the opposite direction.

5. K-line is now irrigating Shift 3.

When the field has been irrigated completely, disconnect the sprinkler line from the feed line, tow the sprinkler line back to the starting position, reposition the feed line, connect to the sprinkler line and you are ready to start the rotation again.

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